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It’s time to show the world who Black youth really are, and what they’re capable of. Because when Black youth thrive, Canada thrives.
Canada has a hiring bias problem. Young Black people face nearly double the national unemployment rate, despite high levels of education, skill and determination. But at the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals, a Toronto non-profit providing free career skills training and supports to Black youth, we believe Black Youth Can. CEE’s programming specifically helps Black youth build careers in meaningful industries where Canada most needs talented professionals – from film and entertainment, to tech, finance, trades and hospitality.

CEE Celebration 2023

Join us as we come together to celebrate the accomplishments, resilience, and vibrant energy of young Black professionals in our community. “CEE Celebration” is a testament to our collective journey, growth, and the promising future ahead.

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How we contribute to the development of Canada?

The Work We Do

At the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals, we actively contribute to the development of Canada by addressing economic and social barriers faced by Black youth aged 14 and over. Our mission is to create a society and economy where Black youth can achieve financial prosperity and a high quality of life for themselves and their families.

To achieve this, we collaborate with Black youth, employers, and the broader community in various ways:

Career Training:

We offer career training programs in six labor market gaps, namely Technology, Entertainment, Social Services, Finance, Trades, and Hospitality. Our holistic, person-centered, and culturally relevant approaches aim to improve the careers, education, and empowerment of Black youth in Canada.



Sector Leadership

Through our Sector Leadership department, we strengthen the leadership and organizational capacity of B3 serving nonprofits in Toronto's social service sector. We provide training programs such as the CEE Essentials Suite and actively participate in civic engagement initiatives like round tables, councils, and community projects. We are also the project lead for the Black To The Future Community of Practice.



Social Enterprise

We are continuously launching initiatives to support Black youth. CEE Talent allows employers to hire CEE alumni for creative projects or work in the labor gaps where we provide programming.

Our mission is to address the economic and social barriers affecting black youths, ages 14 -30

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