Purpose of our Community Board?

At Black To The Future, we believe in celebrating the richness of Black culture, fostering connections, and empowering our community.

This board is a reflection of our commitment to these principles.

Here, you’ll discover a diverse array of events that cater to the interests, needs, and aspirations of the Black community. From cultural celebrations and educational workshops to networking opportunities and social gatherings, our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform that highlights the vibrancy and strength of our community.

Features of the Community Board?

Diverse Event Categories

Explore a wide range of events encompassing arts and culture, education and empowerment, health and wellness, social justice, and much more. We've carefully curated these categories to ensure there's something for everyone.


All events listed on our board are organized by Black-owned businesses, cultural institutions, non-profits, and community groups. By participating, you're supporting initiatives that directly benefit the Black community.


The "Black To The Future Community Events Board" is open to all who are interested in celebrating Black culture and supporting Black-led initiatives. We welcome allies who wish to engage, learn, and grow together with us.

Interactive Platform

Engage with event organizers, fellow attendees, and share your experiences through comments, reviews, and discussions. We encourage collaboration and dialogue within our community.


Navigating the board is easy, ensuring you can find events that interest you quickly. Filter events by date, location, category, and more to discover the perfect event for you.

Stay Informed

Subscribe to event updates, newsletters, and notifications to stay informed about the latest additions to our board and exciting opportunities in your area.

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