What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of individuals who share a common interest, profession, or domain of knowledge and come together to actively engage in learning, sharing experiences, and collaborating to develop their expertise in that specific area. CoPs provide a platform for members to connect, exchange insights, best practices, and knowledge, ultimately enhancing their collective understanding and competence within the chosen domain.

Shared Domain

Members of a CoP are united by a common area of interest, expertise, or practice, whether it’s a profession, hobby, or a particular field of knowledge.


A sense of belonging and mutual engagement is at the heart of a CoP. Members build relationships, collaborate, and interact with one another on a regular basis.


CoPs are focused on sharing practical knowledge and experiences. Members actively work together to develop and apply their expertise in real-world contexts.


Learning is a central goal of a CoP. Members learn from each other, from shared experiences, and from the collective wisdom of the community, often through informal interactions, discussions, and problem-solving.

Mutual Support

CoP members provide support, encouragement, and mentorship to one another, fostering personal and professional growth within the community.


CoPs are dynamic and can evolve over time. They adapt to changing needs, incorporate new knowledge, and continue to develop their collective understanding and capabilities.


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