What is the Organizational Development Program?

This initiative provides individualized capacity-building resources to strengthen the leadership and organizational scale of Black-focused, Black-led and Black-serving (B3) groups in Canada.

This program is intended to service an organization in its entirety, where each facet of our programming is applied according to the needs of the given organization.

With this one-on-one relationship, the organization will receive individualized mentorship, gain access to curated tools, and engage with the learning opportunities CEE has constructed in collaboration with industry professionals.

Organizational Mentorship

This resource aims to support the needs of partnering organizations by creating an individualized approach to support their organizational development.


Partnering with grassroots and non-profit groups and providing oversight in financial management, project management and reporting requirements in order to secure funding.


All participating B3 organizations will be welcomed into CEE's Community of Practice, Black to the Future (BTTF). BTTF provides access to a network of national B3 organizations.

Growth Resources

Our Financial Management Suite, developed by CEE Financial Development, includes a set of tools for non-profits to excel in their financial management. Our Grant Writing Suite is collection of learning guides designed to expand an organization's ability to successfully create funding proposals.

Capacity Building

Participating organizations and their staff can access our professionally developed capacity building initiatives: the Fundamentals of Impactful Non-Profit Leadership course and our online asynchronous Learning Labs. 

Interested in working with us?

Please submit an application to join our Organizational Development Program or contact us at blacktothefuture@ceetoronto.org.

Why has CEE adopted this approach?

Historically, Black organizations in Canada have served their communities without sufficient funding, resources, or support to address the systemic and socioeconomic issues their communities experience. By focusing on scaling up the overall capacity of Black non-profit organizations, we empower these organizations to be community leaders in their own right and maximize their impact within their communities.

B3 Definition


Supports causes that impact the Black community; Has Black service users; Identifies itself as a Black organization serving the Black community.


A governance structure that is Black (i.e. a majority of board members are Black); A majority of senior management staff are Black.


The main population or service users are Black; An organization that explicitly (i.e. through vision, mission, or strategic plan) serves the Black community; An organization that uses an African-centered, cultural, approach.

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