What is Black To The Future?

“Black To The Future” is a visionary initiative spearheaded by the esteemed organization, CEE Centre For Young Black Professionals, dedicated to propelling the future of Canada forward through the empowerment of black-founded, black-led, and black-serving non-profit organizations. This groundbreaking program stands at the forefront of change, fostering leadership and organizational capacity within Canada’s vibrant and diverse black community.

The Purpose of Black To The Future

Canada is home to a rich tapestry of cultures and communities, with the black community contributing significantly to the country’s social, cultural, and economic landscape. “Black To The Future” embodies the spirit of empowerment and inclusivity, seeking to address systemic barriers that have historically hindered the growth and impact of black-led non-profit organizations. This initiative aims to create a more equitable and inclusive Canada where the contributions of black Canadians are recognized, celebrated, and fully realized.

Intention and features

Our Community of Practice aims to foster the connectivity of B3 organizations at a national level. We approach kinship of community in a number of ways to raise the visibility of resources, respond to aid and celebrate the strong fabric of the B3 community.

“Black To The Future” is a catalyst for change in Canada. By nurturing black leaders, strengthening non-profits, and fostering community-driven solutions, it contributes to a more inclusive and equitable society. Through its work, it envisions a Canada where the talents and aspirations of black Canadians can flourish unhindered by systemic barriers.

  1. Leadership Development: “Black To The Future” prioritizes the cultivation of strong and dynamic black leaders. Through mentorship programs, leadership training, and networking opportunities, it equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to lead with purpose and impact.

  2. Organizational Capacity Building: Building on the foundations of leadership, the initiative provides crucial support for non-profits, enabling them to operate effectively and sustainably. This includes training in strategic planning, fundraising, governance, and program development.

  3. Community Engagement: “Black To The Future” encourages non-profits to be deeply connected to the communities they serve. It promotes community-centered approaches, ensuring that the voices and needs of black Canadians are at the heart of every initiative.

  4. Advocacy and Policy Development: Recognizing the importance of systemic change, the initiative empowers non-profits to advocate for policies and practices that address racial disparities and promote equity across all sectors.

  5. Network Building: “Black To The Future” fosters collaboration among black-led non-profits, creating a robust network that shares resources, knowledge, and support, ultimately amplifying their collective impact.

Ways we engage with the community

  • Access to Network Building
  • Local and National Networking through Non-Profit Ecosystem
  • Sector Trending Webinars
  • Monthly Delivery of Black to the Future Newsletter
  • Access to Industry Professionals 
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