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About me

Khalil Dorival is 26 years old, and lives in Parkdale, Toronto. He is the Founder Khalil Dorival Enterprise (K.D.E). An organization dedicated to addressing the social and economical barriers that youth through life skills workshops. He is a Church Youth leader and Community Activist. His phenomenal drive and determination has pushed him to become an influential leader in his community and the music industry. Having grown up in an at-risk neighborhood with divorced parents, it wasn’t a surprise when Khalil got in trouble with the law, hung out with wrong friends, had scholastic troubles, and struggled with financial obstacles. In the midst of his shortcomings and mistakes he has challenged himself to grow spiritually, mentally, physically. Resulting in, successfully turning his life around from being a victim to a victor. His major goal is to inspire people to love themselves in return love others. Known for his enthusiastic energy, Khalil is able to translate the trials and tribulations of life into relevant principles and coaching strategies. His biggest dream is to impact the world globally by giving back to people what God and many mentors have invested in him. On his journey to success and personal well-being, his soul inspiration is to change lives, sowing seeds of hope and teachings to bring out the best in people.



Youth & Community Work

Honors & awards

  • 2019

    Invisible Hero

    Recognized for the amazing work I do for youth in my community


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