Length of Program: 12 weeks

Cohort Size: Up to 5

Insurance Program

The Insurance Program is a career training and development program that supports youth with barriers to employment to identify and build a career in the finance/insurance industry as an Underwriting Associate. 

Program Details:

  • Program Name: Insurance Program
  • Length of Program: 12 weeks
  • Cohort Size: up to 5
  • Graduates to date: 15
  • Current Program Partner: Zurich Canada (Funder, Facilitation and Placement Partner), United Way (Funder), IDRF (Facilitation and Program Development partner.)
    • This program will operate for 12 weeks, followed by a 12-week paid internship with the prospect of permanent employment in Zurich Canada. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities to gain industry-specific skills, professional development, transferable skills, and hands-on underwriting experience with professionals, networks, wellbeing tools/skills, financial literacy and a paid internship. In so doing, build the capacity to pursue financial stability.

    Skills and Certification Earned in Program:

    • ‣    Knowledge of the relationship between risk and insurance
    • ‣    Gain experience with contract and claims
    • ‣    Learn Roles and Functions of Insurance
    • ‣    Locating the UA in common business processes

    ‣   Placement experience with Zurich Canada


How you can get involved:

1. Become a Program Funder
2. Hire a Graduate
3. Provide Placement Opportunity
4. Become a Facilitator
5. Donate Program Materials and Supplies


Employment Partnership: 

Join forces with a dynamic team a CEE,  dedicated to empowering Black youth through career development. As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to access a diverse pool of talented individuals who bring unique perspectives and skills to your team.


Together, we can foster inclusive workplaces and create pathways for success for young Black professionals.

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