Length of Program: 12 months

Cohort Size: Up to 10


Mastermind is an innovative and empowering program that enables youth to develop Community Impact projects with the support of a microgrant. Aimed at the alumni of CEE, Mastermind provides a comprehensive platform that nurtures their skills, knowledge, and mindset, enabling them to transform their ideas into community impact. 

Program Details:

    • Program Name: Masterminds
    • Length of Program: 12 months
    • Cohort Size: up to 10
    • Number of Cohorts: 2 simultaneously
    • Current Program Partner: Canada Corps (Funder)
    • The program adopts a dynamic and interactive approach, combining both theoretical and practical elements to create a holistic learning experience. Participants are guided through a series of workshops, seminars, ideation sessions, coaching sessions and hands-on activities that cover various aspects of Community service event. These includes ideation, market research, business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, leadership development, and networking. The Mastermind program focuses on experiential learning and participants are encouraged to work on real-life projects and social impact event simulations, allowing them to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. This approach helps them gain valuable insights, learn from failures, and develop the resilience necessary for transference into entrepreneurial success.

    Skills and Certification Earned in Program:


  • Capacity Development:

    Participants initiated the process with brainstorming sessions, where they skillfully identified target audiences and stakeholders. These sessions enabled them to meticulously plan agendas, refine facilitation techniques, and cultivate valuable community partnerships.


    The leadership component empowered participants to hone their decision-making, delegation, and conflict resolution skills, crucial elements in successfully spearheading community projects.


    Emphasizing effective collaboration, participants delved into teamwork, enhancing their interpersonal and communication skills to ensure the seamless success of their projects.

    Project Management:

    Engaging in comprehensive learning, participants acquired essential project management skills, including planning, budgeting, and time management. This expertise positioned them for the seamless implementation of their community projects.


    Active involvement in community projects facilitated the refinement of critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities, contributing to their overall capacity for innovative solutions.


    A key focus area was the improvement of communication skills, extending to interactions with team members, community stakeholders, and the broader community. This emphasis aimed to foster effective and transparent communication channels.


  • How you can get involved:

    • 1. Become a Program Funder
    • 2. Hire a Graduate
    • 3. Provide Placement Opportunity
    • 4. Become a Facilitator
    • 5. Donate Program Materials and Supplies

Employment Partnership: 

Join forces with a dynamic team a CEE,  dedicated to empowering Black youth through career development. As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to access a diverse pool of talented individuals who bring unique perspectives and skills to your team.


Together, we can foster inclusive workplaces and create pathways for success for young Black professionals.


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Designed by: Avando Mitchell